The Reformation is yet to find its way to the heart of many people on earth and yet it is what many people are searching for.

The essence of the Reformation is that ordinary people would find purpose, be empowered by the word of God, and live a life according to His will. However, vast numbers of people are searching for answers and purpose in temporary satisfaction which only breeds discontentment. 

This week, Rev Norman McAuley analyses the Five Solas which were designed to counter the direction of the Roman Catholic Church, and manifest as positive biblical declarations as part of the Reformation. The Five Solas affirm that God’s Word teaches us that we are saved by His grace alone. Christ in His death, has forgiven us for our sin, enabling us to live a life of faith that will being glory to God. Through these declarations we find identity in who we are, and who we belong to, as well as purpose for the life we are to live. 

We have entered a new post-Christian era in Europe, where truth is relative and experience definitive.” 

Brett Lockhart identifies the defining battle Christians are fighting in the western world. Through years of political distrust and a sense of irrelevance of faith and religion, people have become disengaged with, and uninterested in what the church has to offer. It is time as Christians to reclaim the truth of God’s word and example to the world that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We need to demonstrate in our work, social and home communities the compassionate love of God, honouring every person regardless of their beliefs — whilst boldly standing firm in what the Bible says and not allowing the trends of post-modern western culture to dilute the Truth. 

Wallace Thompson boldly refers to the Reformation as centuries of spiritual darkness being dispelled by the light of God’s Word. He suggests that despite it having a deep impact on Ireland, the Reformation never became a true reality here. The efforts of various monarchs to introduce the Reformation was consistently met by stiff opposition in Ireland, as longstanding tradition failed to conform to this new approach to church. Whilst there is significance and power in tradition, it is essential to the advancement of the Church that we are open to innovation and empowerment. We must stay rooted in the Truth of the Bible, but also practice in a way that inspires all generations to live the way Jesus encouraged us to. 

The 500 project is helping present the Reformation in a way that relates to all generations, as we demonstrate the understanding that whilst people are searching for answers in and of the world, our hope is found in Christ alone. 

The Reformation was and is still relevant today, and will be for years to come. 

In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song”