The Theology Advisory Group (TAG) is a non-executive advisory body to the Evangelical Alliance which meets twice a year. It is made up of a range of experts in the fields of theology and public policy, and connects the work of the Evangelical Alliance with academic theological contexts and debates. It aims to reflect the broad range of evangelicalism in the UK, and members affirm our basis of faith and evangelical relationships commitment.

TAG is supported primarily by the Evangelical Alliance’s advocacy team and it has a particular role advising on the Evangelical Alliance’s public policy work. However, it also informs the work of the Evangelical Alliance in other areas, consulting with and reporting to the leadership team, board and council of the Evangelical Alliance, and more generally serves the whole Evangelical Alliance membership as well. 

"The Evangelical Alliance is deservedly respected for all the practical work it does to support its members, and for its engagement with the wider church and world. Yet this activity stems from clear theological convictions, distilled in its Basis of Faith. TAG helps ensure that the Alliance’s agenda remains rooted in these convictions while being informed by the best contemporary evangelical thinking. We love supporting the Evangelical Alliance in this way, and greatly value prayer for vision and discernment as we do so."
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Revd Dr David Hilborn
Chair of TAG

TAG assists the Evangelical Alliance in identifying topical issues to be addressed and forming specialist task groups to explore these issues. Members also act as a peer review panel to appraise pieces of work produced by task groups or by the Evangelical Alliance, ensuring that they adequately reflect evangelical perspectives on a given issue. Previous topics have included genetically modified crops, the nature of hell, prosperity theology, transsexuality, and evangelical responses to homosexuality.

TAG also acts as a reference group when urgent responses from the Evangelical Alliance to controversial issues are required, and members may contribute to the media work of the Evangelical Alliance when such issues are the subject of public scrutiny.

Basis of faith

Basis of faith

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Relationship Commitments

Relationship Commitments

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