Peter Lynas

Peter oversees the advocacy team and the work of the Alliance across the four UK nations. He is passionate about faith in the public square and leads the Being Human project with Jo Frost. He previously worked as a barrister in Belfast before studying theology at Regent College in Vancouver, where he serves on the board. Peter is a regular media commentator, is married to Rose, has two daughters, and loves running.

Austen Ivereigh

1 September 2017He founded Catholic Voices in 2010 aiming to give the Church a voice on contentious issues. Peter Lynas asked him about the Reformation, ecumenical relations and the challenges facing the Church today. Tell us a little about your work with Catholic Voices Catholic Voices (CV) was founded in 2010 around the visit of Pope Benedict to the UK and has now grown to 26 countries. The great learning from 2010 is that the media doesn’t exclude the voice of the Church, it’s just that contemporary…