Tinuke Akinbulumo

Tinuke Akinbulumo is a vibrant, full of life character who lives for every moment. She has the rare ability to see the bigger picture, yet has an incredible eye for detail. Her creativity comes out in every aspect of her life and she carries contagious energy with her. Tinuke loves stories; creating stories, telling stores and bringing stories to life.

When you feed the least of these, you feed me

16 December 2020Christmas is acknowledged worldwide, and everything points to a positive, happy time – a season to look forward to. It’s not surprising then that most people associate Christmas with family, friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying a festive meal together. But, for some people, this is not the case. Christmas, for them, is a time filled with trepidation and anxiety as they realise they don’t have enough money to meet the demands of the season, and a festive meal is but a dream.