We all want our voice to make a difference.

But it can be tricky to know how best to engage with politics. As evangelicals, how does our faith shape our engagement? 

We asked more than 1,300 evangelicals: 

  • How do you plan to vote in the next general election?
  • What influences the way you vote?
  • What is your local church saying about politics?
  • Does Christianity have a role to play in politics today?

The answers were fascinating.

We think that the resulting report, Thinking faithfully about politics, will help Christians to put their faith at the heart of how they engage with politics, and be inspired by others who are engaging faithfully in this space.

Not only that, but we think our findings can help policymakers and the media to better understand evangelicals too.

If you want to encourage your church or organisation to think faithfully about politics, why not invite a member of our advocacy team to speak at a gathering or event? Invite an Evangelical Alliance speaker.