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Become a Jesus sharing church with i61m

With i61m's free app + roadmap, support your church to grow in confidence in sharing life, faith and Jesus with friends.

Become a Jesus-sharing church — do you have a plan?

We see a future where every Christian can confidently share Jesus. But it won’t happen by accident. We need a plan to turn good intentions into action. This isn’t a short course, it’s a culture change.

We are the Isaiah 61 Movement. We inspire, equip and support churches with our act’ setting app, inspirational resources and simple roadmap.

With our free app we encourage each other to set acts’ write them down, set a date and share it with our groups, developing a sense of accountability. Our i61m roadmap consists of 3 key tracks — Leadership, Sundays and Groups. It’s a commitment to journey with i61m for 2 years to see a steady shift in culture as we embed sharing Jesus.

Together, we will see the most valuable fruit in the Kingdom of God: confident believers leading our friends to Jesus and welcoming them into our church families.

That’s our plan, will you join us?