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Community Football Outreach training

Our vision is to serve the local church, inspiring and equipping it to build Christ-centred relationships through football

Ambassadors Football has been working in Great Britain and around the world for over 30 years. Our Community Football Outreach (CFO) training can help churches serve and build bridges in their local communities. Football brings people together, then there are opportunities to share faith and disciple. Adults, youth & children, walking Football (for over 55 year olds), and marginalised projects are just some ways churches use football make a difference. In addition to CFO other outreach opportunities are are football holiday clubs that Ambassadors can run with your church to invite local youth & children along. In 2022 we ran 19 camps across GB, attended by almost 600 children, with 67% of children coming from outside the church community. Further to these tournaments and tours offer opportunities for footballing believers to make a difference across the world. We exist to help serve the church to share Jesus through football!