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Disciple Making Movement resource

Making disciples who make disciples is what we are called to. This resource helps give some basic principles and tools to help all.

Biglife is a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) with its roots in Asia, but seeking to apply the principles and practices of Jesus and the early church into the UK. Since 2019 we have been serving churches in the UK by sharing the vision, offering simple training and then ongoing support and encouragement. While we have a training manual available online, we encourage people to engage relationally with others who are already on the journey of putting things into practice. The training aims to encourage people into a lifestyle of disciple-making by using simple tools to help us share faith in Jesus and make disciples with a focus on discovery bible study.It’s simple. It’s reproducible. It’s Scriptural. Although approaches and strategies may vary from context to context, the basics of making disciples crosses every language and border. This is what the Biglife Training is all about – getting back to the basics of making disciples who go and make more disciples right where they are.