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Exploring Evangelism Myths

Podcast series - Exploring Evangelism Myths, discusses 5 of the most common evangelism myths that hold people back from sharing the Gospel.

Do you want to see evangelism with fresh eyes?

How do you feel when you hear the word evangelism’? If you’re anything like us, you feel a mix of emotions. We get it.

If you’re a church leader, you may feel like evangelism is yet another thing to juggle.

If you go to church, it’s common to feel insecure — what if a conversation gets tense? Maybe you haven’t talked openly about Jesus in years.

In our podcast series Exploring Evangelism Myths, Ben Jack (global head of Advance and Global Network of Evangelists council) and Lizzie Burke (former Director of the City Gospel Movements at the Luis Palau Association) discuss five of the most common evangelism myths that hold people back from sharing the Gospel with those around them. 

Many Christians across the Western world are trying to overcome similar barriers to sharing the gospel. We want to let you know you’re not alone! You’ll hear from church leaders and church goers, students and professors, businessmen and businesswomen, and mums and dads.

Perhaps the work of evangelism should be left up to church leaders and extraverts? Are we talking about a single moment, or is the act of evangelism more of a long-term journey?

Is evangelism even ethical in todays you-do-you culture? 

If you resonate with any of these ideas, then this series is for you! Because wherever you are at with your understanding of evangelism, this series is designed to inspire you and help you to share the Gospel with those you love.

Join us as we unpack these myths about evangelism. We’re confident that this series will reframe the way you think about evangelism and equip you with practical ideas to gain confidence, share your faith and celebrate testimony along the way. 

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