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Growing on the Frontline

An eight-session course that'll help you spot what's holding you back from living like Jesus - and work with God to grow more like him.

We want to make an impact where we are. But there are times when we really aren’t much like Jesus. When we don’t do the kind thing, or the right thing.What’s getting in the way? And how do we grow past it?The good news is that our everyday contexts aren’t just places to do things with Jesus. They’re places to become more like him, growing in maturity with God’s help.Growing on the Frontline is an eight-session small group course, guided by videos featuring hosts Tim Yearsley and Ennette Lainchbury, that will help you do just that. Because when we nourish the roots of our faith, we’ll see the fruit of our faith – as God works through us to transform the places we’re in and love the people we’re with.And when we work with God to grow more like his Son, meeting our needs in him rather than our own strength, we can live more authentically for him – using our whole selves for his glory.