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Intro Outro

A YouTube channel for young people with the hope of introducing them to Jesus and encouraging them to live it out.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

YouTube is a space where over 75% of young people go on a daily basis to watch videos, consume content and engage with people they love and this happens almost all of the time when they’re on their own. There is little in the YouTube space that points to or talks about Jesus in a normal and relevant way. A lot of the content consumed on YouTube has a negative spin, reinforcing the increased levels of cynicism we already see in our society. This cannot be the final state of play and that is why Youth for Christ has created Intro Outro. Youth for Christ want to redeem the space of social media by developing positive content that brings light and hope to this generation. That’s why they’ve called it Intro Outro. Their hope is that we introduce young people to Jesus and encourage them to live it out!