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SHORT/ANSWERS video series

Fast moving, videos addressing common challenges to the gospel. Perfect for sharing online, or using in evangelistic conversations.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Why are so many Christians afraid of evangelism? Partly because we worry about what we’d say if our friend raised a challenge or a tough question about our faith.SHORT/ANSWERS videos were designed to help you in your evangelism: they take a tough question about faith and address it in a friendly, engaging way in four minutes or less.Over 400,000 people have downloaded, shared, or watched a SHORT/ANSWERS video. They’re perfect for sharing online, watching in a small group, or showing a friend down the pub on your phone when they ask a question.SHORT/ANSWERS are produced by the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and released under the Creative Commons License, so you’re free to use/​download/​distribute in anyway that will help you or your church share the gospel, online or offline.