Kloe's Story

Kloe grew up an atheist until she met two friends who were Christians.

Kloe grew up an atheist until she met two friends who were Christians.

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- I was really angry with Christians because I just thought like how dare you believe in a higher power who was responsible for this?
My name's Kloe and this is my story.
I come from a non-Christian family, so growing up I used to pray and worship to this Chinese goddess all the while having a mindset of an atheist.
So, in year seven my form tutor was a Christian, this Christian lady, and I used to go out of my way to annoy her, and mock her faith.
And then I'd say that in year 11 was the most atheist I've ever been in my entire life after finding out that my brother had suddenly passed away.
Yeah, that was really a tough moment for me.
I mean, needless to say, like my heart was very hard towards the idea of the existence of God, and I thought that if there were a God, he were totally unloving, selfish, uncaring.
I became very close to a couple of Christian classmates.
We became so close that they felt that they could openly share their faith with me despite my opinions.
The only reason as to why I even let them in in the first place, and actually opened up these conversations, was because they genuinely invested in our friendship.
They really genuinely cared about my opinions and so I really cared about them as my friends.
So, one day they invited me along to a CU meeting.
So, I reluctantly came along, and it was the first time I'd ever read a part of the Bible.
So, they were looking at the book of Job, and it really, I felt like it was just like perfect timing almost because I was really going through a lot of pain, and it really opened up my eyes.
It really put my own situation into perspective, that despite the surface appearance God isn't responsible for suffering but He is sovereign over it.
It really hit a spot in me just because of how wrong I was in believing before that God was unloving or uncaring or selfish when the greatest demonstration of God's love was right before my eyes in what he did on that cross.
I came out of the CU meeting, asked my two Christian friends, like all the questions that I had in my head, and they really invested time into trying to answer these questions for me.
I had a lot of mixed emotions, and I felt like if this were all true, I want that.
And so, yeah, I decided to pray that life-changing prayer that God would come into my life and just take hold of it.
So, about a year after I became a Christian word got round at my old school, and I found out through my friends that my year seven teacher was just completely overjoyed, massively shocked because she hadn't stopped praying for me since I was in year seven that one day I would give my life to Christ which is such an answer to prayer and I'm so thankful for that.