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Krista and Niki's Story

Krista and Niki's Story

From struggling with addiction and broken relationships, to having her life totally transformed by Jesus, Krista now heads up an Eden team in South Bank (Middlesbrough).
Jamie's Story

Jamie's Story

Stuck in a cycle of addiction, he hit rock bottom and started thinking about taking his own life. It was then that he met a friend who told him about Jesus.
Beth's Story Beth's Story

Beth's Story

Beth knew she wanted more from life, so was prompted to explore who Jesus is while at university
Blend's Story Blend's Story

Blend's Story

See how tea and cake is making Jesus known to refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff...
Ram's Story | Simply Eat Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Coming from a multi-faith background, Ram couldn't believe that God would offer to eat with him
Mark's Story Mark's Story

Mark's Story

How growing up in a Christian home isn't a 'boring testimony' at all
Asha's Story Asha's Story

Asha's Story

After going into church to sell drugs, the support Asha received empowered her to give up drugs and give her life to Jesus instead
The Secret to a Thriving Toddler Group The Secret to a Thriving Toddler Group

The Secret to a Thriving Toddler Group

How prayer and a warm welcome are the key to sharing Jesus with toddlers and their carers
Duncan's Story Duncan's Story

Duncan's Story

Waking up after another drunken night, Duncan decided to read his bible and his life was never the same again...
Manoj's Story Manoj's Story

Manoj's Story

In 2008 the mortgage market collapsed and Manoj's world started to crumble. Watch his story of becoming a follower of Jesus.
Natalie's Story Natalie's Story

Natalie's Story

Natalie knew she was looking for something, but didn't know where to find it until a friend invited her to church
Lee's Story Lee's Story

Lee's Story

Lee described himself as God's biggest critic. He couldn't believe a loving God could exist with all the suffering in the world.
Balbinder's Story Balbinder's Story

Balbinder's Story

Balbinder could not find peace, despite trying all sorts of different ideas, until she met Jesus Christ.
Matt's Story Matt's Story

Matt's Story

Caught up in lad culture and getting in trouble with the police, Matt kept trying to change but it wasn't working.
Danni's Story Danni's Story

Danni's Story

Danni grew up in a family entrenched in occult beliefs. Watch how she came to follow Jesus.