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Ram's Story | Simply Eat Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Coming from a multi-faith background, Ram couldn't believe that God would offer to eat with him
Manoj's Story Manoj's Story

Manoj's Story

In 2008 the mortgage market collapsed and Manoj's world started to crumble. Watch his story of becoming a follower of Jesus.
Balbinder's Story Balbinder's Story

Balbinder's Story

Balbinder could not find peace, despite trying all sorts of different ideas, until she met Jesus Christ.
Lynne's Story | Simply Eat Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne first encountered God while laying the table for Passover...
Usha's Story Usha's Story

Usha's Story

Sharing faith as a follower of Jesus and an Asian woman, Usha tells stories of helping others come to know Christ
Jennifer's Story Jennifer's Story

Jennifer's Story

Having tried crystals, tarot, travel, escapism and more, Jennifer eventually found what she was looking for in Jesus
Rahil's Story Rahil's Story

Rahil's Story

Rahil was a successful Hindu priest whose world was changed by an unexpected encounter with the love of Jesus Christ.
Sarah's Story Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

From her experience as a mother and Advisor for Reconciliation, Sarah explains the power of women as reconcilers and witnesses to Jesus