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Beth's Story Beth's Story

Beth's Story

Beth knew she wanted more from life, so was prompted to explore who Jesus is while at university
Blend's Story Blend's Story

Blend's Story

See how tea and cake is making Jesus known to refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff...
Ram's Story | Simply Eat Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Ram's Story | Simply Eat

Coming from a multi-faith background, Ram couldn't believe that God would offer to eat with him
Mark's Story Mark's Story

Mark's Story

How growing up in a Christian home isn't a 'boring testimony' at all
Duncan's Story Duncan's Story

Duncan's Story

Waking up after another drunken night, Duncan decided to read his bible and his life was never the same again...
Margaret's Story Margaret's Story

Margaret's Story

After a 5% chance of survival, Margaret shares Jesus through her miraculous story of healing
Sanjay's Story Sanjay's Story

Sanjay's Story

As a biochemical engineer, Sanjay thought Christians had bizarre and unfounded beliefs, until he met some and investigated further...
Lawrence's Story Lawrence's Story

Lawrence's Story

Having never felt like he could be himself in a life of crime, addiction and gangsters Lawrence found his real identity when he encountered Jesus
Nicole's Story Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole wasn't getting the right support for her PTSD until a friend invited her to meet Jesus at a school lunch club