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Beth's Story Beth's Story

Beth's Story

Beth knew she wanted more from life, so was prompted to explore who Jesus is while at university
Mark's Story Mark's Story

Mark's Story

How growing up in a Christian home isn't a 'boring testimony' at all
Nicole's Story Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole wasn't getting the right support for her PTSD until a friend invited her to meet Jesus at a school lunch club
Rosie's Story Rosie's Story

Rosie's Story

Rosie got baptised when she realised Jesus wasn't asking her to be perfect, and now shares her faith by living her life for Him
Gemma's Story Gemma's Story

Gemma's Story

Gemma shares her story of telling others about Jesus at university.
Lynette's Story | Simply Eat Lynette's Story | Simply Eat

Lynette's Story | Simply Eat

Sharing food with international students can have a lifelong impact
Jess & Rachel's Story

Jess & Rachel's Story

Two young women chat about who Jesus is to them, and what motivates them to share their faith.