Resources designed specifically to help you share the gospel with men.

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Jamie's Story

Jamie's Story

Stuck in a cycle of addiction, he hit rock bottom and started thinking about taking his own life. It was then that he met a friend who told him about Jesus.
Mark's Story Mark's Story

Mark's Story

How growing up in a Christian home isn't a 'boring testimony' at all
Duncan's Story Duncan's Story

Duncan's Story

Waking up after another drunken night, Duncan decided to read his bible and his life was never the same again...
Sanjay's Story Sanjay's Story

Sanjay's Story

As a biochemical engineer, Sanjay thought Christians had bizarre and unfounded beliefs, until he met some and investigated further...
Lawrence's Story Lawrence's Story

Lawrence's Story

Having never felt like he could be himself in a life of crime, addiction and gangsters Lawrence found his real identity when he encountered Jesus
David's Story David's Story

David's Story

Meeting Jesus through the Christian Motorcyclists Association, David found that he was not alone in his struggles with addiction and as a previous victim of abuse
Kim & Dee's Story Kim & Dee's Story

Kim & Dee's Story

After 21 years of marriage, Kim finally came to know the Jesus who Dee had been telling him about
Michael & Penny's Story Michael & Penny's Story

Michael & Penny's Story

Despite the potential challenges of a second marriage and a new blended family, Michael and Penny have chosen to follow Jesus together
Roy's Story Roy's Story

Roy's Story

Roy reflects on 90 years of faith, from meeting Jesus through his wife, to finding His comfort after she passed away.