Resources to help you use prayer in your outreach

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Joyce's Story Joyce's Story

Joyce's Story

Doctors told Joyce she only had two and a half years to live, she shares her story of healing and hope.
Sam's Story Sam's Story

Sam's Story

God told Sam to go out into the streets of Chester and start praying for people. Here's his story of what he's seen and learnt.
Paul's Story Paul's Story

Paul's Story

Paul shares the story of how his church community encourage each other in prayer and evangelism
Sue H's Story Sue H's Story

Sue H's Story

Sue used to be traumatised by the thought of sharing her faith with anybody. Watch her story of how God's used her to make Jesus known.
Shona's Story Shona's Story

Shona's Story

Healed of Anorexia Nervosa as a child, Shona can testify to God's goodness when sharing Jesus with her friends
Adele's Story Adele's Story

Adele's Story

After struggling with the pain of being left by her husband, Adele was blown away by the forgiveness of Jesus.
Sean's Story Sean's Story

Sean's Story

On the outside Sean had his life pretty together, but inside he still felt a void that he couldn't fill.
Kloe's Story Kloe's Story

Kloe's Story

Kloe grew up an atheist until she met two friends who were Christians.
Sheila's Story Sheila's Story

Sheila's Story

Sheila shares her story of how God has given her a ministry of hugs, that enables her to show God's love to the people she meets.