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pStuart's Story pStuart's Story

pStuart's Story

Stuart was caught up with football and drinking, until he was challenged to discover who Jesus really is
Lucy's Story Lucy's Story

Lucy's Story

Following her husband's stroke, Lucy's story is testament that 'we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him
Usha's Story Usha's Story

Usha's Story

Sharing faith as a follower of Jesus and an Asian woman, Usha tells stories of helping others come to know Christ
Lawrence's Story Lawrence's Story

Lawrence's Story

Having never felt like he could be himself in a life of crime, addiction and gangsters Lawrence found his real identity when he encountered Jesus
David's Story David's Story

David's Story

Meeting Jesus through the Christian Motorcyclists Association, David found that he was not alone in his struggles with addiction and as a previous victim of abuse
Nicole's Story Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole wasn't getting the right support for her PTSD until a friend invited her to meet Jesus at a school lunch club
Kim & Dee's Story Kim & Dee's Story

Kim & Dee's Story

After 21 years of marriage, Kim finally came to know the Jesus who Dee had been telling him about
Rosie's Story Rosie's Story

Rosie's Story

Rosie got baptised when she realised Jesus wasn't asking her to be perfect, and now shares her faith by living her life for Him
Jennifer's Story Jennifer's Story

Jennifer's Story

Having tried crystals, tarot, travel, escapism and more, Jennifer eventually found what she was looking for in Jesus
Instead of you | A Christmas spoken word Instead of you | A Christmas spoken word

Instead of you | A Christmas spoken word

Tonight, thank God it's Him: How Christmas songs remind us that the baby in the manger becomes the world's saviour
Joyce's Story Joyce's Story

Joyce's Story

Doctors told Joyce she only had two and a half years to live, she shares her story of healing and hope.
Sue's story

Sue's story

Evangelism in rural areas has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Sue shares some of what she's learnt as a Methodist minister in rural communities.
Ben's Story Ben's Story

Ben's Story

Ben talks about how he's learnt to share his faith at school, and the importance of stepping out in faith even when you might look silly.
Sam's Story Sam's Story

Sam's Story

God told Sam to go out into the streets of Chester and start praying for people. Here's his story of what he's seen and learnt.
Bethany's Story Bethany's Story

Bethany's Story

Bethany shares her story of finding comfort from God during exceptionally hard circumstances.