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Margaret's Story Margaret's Story

Margaret's Story

After a 5% chance of survival, Margaret shares Jesus through her miraculous story of healing
Lynne's Story | Simply Eat Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne first encountered God while laying the table for Passover...
Sanjay's Story Sanjay's Story

Sanjay's Story

As a biochemical engineer, Sanjay thought Christians had bizarre and unfounded beliefs, until he met some and investigated further...
Bourn Running's Story Bourn Running's Story

Bourn Running's Story

See how sport and Jesus are at the heart of this community in Bournville
Andy's Story Andy's Story

Andy's Story

Andy explains why Christmas is a great time to share the Christian message and connect with local schools through music
Richard & Jayne's Story Richard & Jayne's Story

Richard & Jayne's Story

After being invited to church through a Christmas project, Richard and Jayne never looked back.
Jordan's Story Jordan's Story

Jordan's Story

Jordan was invited to church by his girlfriend after thinking, 'surely there's something more than this.'
Stacey's Story Stacey's Story

Stacey's Story

After suffering the loss of two sons and a marriage breakdown, Stacey found fulfilment in Jesus
pStuart's Story pStuart's Story

pStuart's Story

Stuart was caught up with football and drinking, until he was challenged to discover who Jesus really is
Lucy's Story Lucy's Story

Lucy's Story

Following her husband's stroke, Lucy's story is testament that 'we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him
Usha's Story Usha's Story

Usha's Story

Sharing faith as a follower of Jesus and an Asian woman, Usha tells stories of helping others come to know Christ
Lawrence's Story Lawrence's Story

Lawrence's Story

Having never felt like he could be himself in a life of crime, addiction and gangsters Lawrence found his real identity when he encountered Jesus
David's Story David's Story

David's Story

Meeting Jesus through the Christian Motorcyclists Association, David found that he was not alone in his struggles with addiction and as a previous victim of abuse
Nicole's Story Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole wasn't getting the right support for her PTSD until a friend invited her to meet Jesus at a school lunch club
Kim & Dee's Story Kim & Dee's Story

Kim & Dee's Story

After 21 years of marriage, Kim finally came to know the Jesus who Dee had been telling him about