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Beth's Story Beth's Story

Beth's Story

Beth knew she wanted more from life, so was prompted to explore who Jesus is while at university
Asha's Story Asha's Story

Asha's Story

After going into church to sell drugs, the support Asha received empowered her to give up drugs and give her life to Jesus instead
Margaret's Story Margaret's Story

Margaret's Story

After a 5% chance of survival, Margaret shares Jesus through her miraculous story of healing
Lynne's Story | Simply Eat Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne's Story | Simply Eat

Lynne first encountered God while laying the table for Passover...
Usha's Story Usha's Story

Usha's Story

Sharing faith as a follower of Jesus and an Asian woman, Usha tells stories of helping others come to know Christ
Kim & Dee's Story Kim & Dee's Story

Kim & Dee's Story

After 21 years of marriage, Kim finally came to know the Jesus who Dee had been telling him about
Rosie's Story Rosie's Story

Rosie's Story

Rosie got baptised when she realised Jesus wasn't asking her to be perfect, and now shares her faith by living her life for Him
Jennifer's Story Jennifer's Story

Jennifer's Story

Having tried crystals, tarot, travel, escapism and more, Jennifer eventually found what she was looking for in Jesus
Michael & Penny's Story Michael & Penny's Story

Michael & Penny's Story

Despite the potential challenges of a second marriage and a new blended family, Michael and Penny have chosen to follow Jesus together