The church has a world-changing message of hope to share and sometimes the way it communicates just isn’t up to scratch.

Do you ever walk past a church notice board that makes you want to weep? Have you looked for a local church online and found its website impossible to navigate or non-existent? Have you had an offensively ugly flyer through your door inviting you to a church event and wished such an important message had been more appealingly presented? 

The chances are, many readers will have nodded yes to some of these questions, if not all of them. This is why Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO) is offering marketing and communications support to churches, to help them reach out to the world with the gospel message of hope in a more effective way – and it’s all free of charge.

Laura Treneer, CPO’s chief executive officer, says, Our vision is to see every church in the UK equipped to communicate the gospel effectively. We understand the limitations of budget and time and we are delighted that we can offer this support to those who need it.”


Anyone can nominate a church for communication support at www​.church​comms​.uk. All you’ll have to provide is the name of the church, its address, and a photograph or web address to demonstrate why it needs our help. 

Awards are for communication support for the value of between £50 and £1,000. This may be in the form of something like a new or redesigned website, a brand identity, a set of invitations or posters, or a new noticeboard. 

In 2019, the deadline for nominations is 5pm on Sunday, 30 June. Winners will be contacted by Saturday, 20 July and grants must be used by the end of October. How the grants are used will be decided in consultation with CPO

CPO has received seed money for the fund. Donations to enable the project to continue can be made at www​.give​.net/​c​h​u​r​c​h​c​o​m​m​s​i​m​p​r​o​v​ement