Ten discipleship questions to audit your church

The local church is an essential place for the support and teaching of public leaders. Here are ten questions to help you think about how you raise up and disciple public leaders in your church. 

Public leadership: equipping and supporting Christian leaders throughout society.

  1. Do you profile Christians leading outside the church? Can you highlight and encourage these people through social media and in your services?
  2. How do you equip your congregation to be bold and stay firm in the face of opposing cultural values? Could you organise a talk with a Christian in finance or politics? 
  3. How can your church spiritually support public leaders when they have important meetings or deadlines, or when they’re facing a crisis? Consider having a digital prayer group, asking people to write down anonymous prayer requests as they enter church, or bringing people onto the stage. Put in place accountability structures to keep an eye on the spiritual health of leaders.
  4. Could you organise a workshop to help public leaders understand their key strengths from a Biblical basis? There are several Christian organisations who offer psychometric tests with a Christian ethos.

    As a church leader, you may have your own public leadership role in your local community.
  5. Do you try to exemplify the virtues you are discipling in your congregation? Can you share a time when your integrity was tested?
  6. How can you encourage more experienced leaders in the congregation to support each other on an ongoing basis? At a church in Edinburgh, senior public leaders meet regularly to pray for each other.
  7. How can you encourage public leaders who aren’t able to regularly attend, or volunteer at, church activities? Be intentional in asking people to participate with specific opportunities you think might be feasible for them.

    You are raising the next generation of leaders in your church.
  8. Do your kids / youth resources discuss the role of Christians in society? CPAS’s Talk Calling resource helps you discuss calling and vocation with 14 – 18 year olds.
  9. Do you present Biblical heroes’ as public leaders (e.g. Joseph the Prime Minister’) and discuss the character traits that make them Godly leaders? Our Change the World small group course looks at a number of Biblical public leaders. 
  10. Could you create a mentor programme for younger leaders, perhaps in association with other churches in your area? All leaders want and need mentors! Cross-church connections can help younger leaders be more open about their struggles.

The church has a pastoral role that transcends projects and programmes, and we want to support you in this. Explore our Public Leadership resources from both our team and partner organisations to help you develop leaders in your public church, and for more information about how we can equip you to raise up public leaders in your church, please contact us today.