Grasping God's ethics

November / December 2018

Our lives as new creations

Theology/Our lives as new creations

Ethics is born out of identity, says Dr Deirdre Brower-Latz

The gospel in 3D

Church/The gospel in 3D

Tearfund's Ruth Valerio challenges us to look after all that God has made

We can make every day a jubilee

Society/We can make every day a jubilee

Poverty relief means people don’t have to hide any more, declares CAP's John Kirkby

John Kirkby in Society
Nov 20
A green church is a just church

A green church is a just church

Naomi Osinnowo asks, is caring for our planet an essential part of social justice?

Light in the digital darkness

Society/Light in the digital darkness

Jon Turner explores how Christians bring light to the darkest parts of the internet

Jon Turner in Society
Nov 20
Be reconciled

Politics/Be reconciled

Is reconciliation in Northern Ireland naïve optimism? asks David Smyth

Top tips for an ethical Christmas

Discipleship/Top tips for an ethical Christmas

Five ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly, by Eve Balshaw

Young, ambitious and just

20s & 30s/Young, ambitious and just

How does sharing God’s heart for justice affect your fledgling career?

Christians in the technological age

Society/Christians in the technological age

We need to shape the evolution of artificial intelligence, says CARE CEO Nola Leach

Nola Leach in Society
Nov 20

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