For a number of years there has been a model of small groups working in the City of London which is based on evangelist John Wesley’s groups called ‘bands’. This flexible model – called the 3 P’s (presence, pressure, purpose) – is suitable for a 40-minute group Zoom or Skype meeting.

This is how it works 


The group time starts with someone doing an act of presence, reminding us of God’s presence amongst us, perhaps with a spiritual thought, or a brief Bible study, or an uplifting story of God at work, or maybe a short video clip. 



This aspect entails each member of the group being invited to share the pressures they are facing. We did this in my group yesterday and all of us, like many people at the moment, were facing difficulties regarding the current COVID-19 situation, for which sharing and praying together was extremely beneficial. 


In this final stage, the group can think about how they could reach out to their street, to their neighbours and friends, and particularly at this time, how they can help others who are in difficulty. 

The Government Heath Secretary has talked about an army of volunteers”: perhaps we can be a part of that by helping people around us. Also, let us pray – for our friends, neighbours, country and government. 

Visit Cell UK online for regular email updates and resources on our website; we will continue to support internet-based small groups. We will resource the small group movement as much as we are able, so please get in touch by email at office@​celluk.​org.​uk if you need help. 

We are running online training sessions every Tuesday at 11am and every Wednesday at 8pm to guide people through holding their church small groups online in this season. Please get in touch at the email address above to reserve a space in the webinar.