God wants to save the world, but what if He also wants to transform it?’

What if leadership is a gift from God to change the world around us?’

How can I be a leader in the public square, speaking up for God and for the good of all?’


These are the questions at the heart of the new small group course from the Evangelical Alliance’s public leadership team, Change the World. This free four-week course is for everyone in your church, whether they are a student, a business leader or a stay at home parent. It encourages individuals to think about their opportunities for public leadership and urges congregations to consider how they can support public leaders in their midst.

We spend most of their lives in the public square – the workplace, the local pub, park and gym, community centres and volunteer projects. This is where we interact with people who do not share our faith and this is where we have the most opportunity to have a voice in society.

Public leadership is about speaking up and using our influence to become thought-leaders, media spokespeople, workplace pioneers, political campaigners and community organisers. It’s about being truthful, servant-hearted, respected and trusted. We need Christian leaders of integrity and vision at every level in every sphere and every network – Christians who are exercising authority and bringing influence, and are visible and trusted outside of the church walls.

We want to see Christians intentionally seeking to lead in society, using their voices to bring transformation and change to the world around them. It’s not enough simply to participate – we need Christians to speak up where it matters, serving and working for the good of all. Creating a world of love, truth, justice and freedom.

This is not a new vision. The history of the Evangelical Alliance is full of projects to engage those in specific spheres, such as helping to create what has become the Arts Centre Group. The history of evangelical Christianity is full of individuals and groups whose faith fuelled their visions for society, such as Joseph Oldham, or the Clapham Sect. And the history of the Bible gives us such public leaders as Nehemiah, rebuilding the city of Jerusalem; Erastus, director of public works; and Esther, speaking up for her people in the civic square.

But in this time of uncertainty and fragmentation, we believe that there is an urgent need for Christians to step up, speak out and lead. While it’s individual public leaders, working with others, who will bring change, we believe that local churches have a vital role to play in supporting, equipping and sending out public leaders. That’s why this isn’t a personal devotional but a course for groups to follow together. The pursuit of public leadership can sometimes sadly become a wall between the individual and the church, rather than a gift that allows the church to send its people out and influence others with their God-given abilities.

If this vision to transform society speaks to you, please consider using the Change the World course with your small group.

This free, enjoyable and easily accessible four-week introductory course will help you to understand God’s call to public leadership. You will look at the big picture of the world we’re in and our role as Christian leaders within it. You will think about the purpose of leadership – not for the accumulation of power but to serve God and to serve the people in your workplace or community. And, crucially, you will consider how the church can not only support and encourage those in public leadership, but also benefit by releasing people to these roles.

We have a big vision. A vision that starts with individuals, but that will lead to a culture change – a transformation of our whole society. We ask you to join us in this vision. You may not consider yourself a leader yet but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a part to play. Jesus doesn’t wait until we are perfect to use us for His glory.

Public Leadership

Public Leadership

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What kind of society?

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