SENT is a brand new course to help churches equip public leaders in their congregations to be transformational in their workplace and local community.

If you have leaders in your church involved in education, health, politics, business, the arts and media or any other area of public life, help them to be transformational in their places of work and their community.

SENT is designed for churches to use with small groups of public leaders in order to think, discuss and pray about what it means to be a Christian public leaders.

Session one: featuring a talk by Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, participants will consider what it means to develop a biblical worldview of leadership and the workplace with time for discussion and prayer, and activities for follow up. This session also features an interview with Sarah Hutt, a public leader.

Session two: featuring a talk by Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins, participants will think about what makes distinctively Christian leadership with time to consider together what this means for them. There are opportunities for prayer and to follow up after the session. This session also features an interview with Ayo Afolabi.

Session three: featuring a talk by Ian Marchant, participants will consider how to build leadership competencies, discuss and pray together about what this means for their public leadership. This session also features an interview with Yasmin Mohseni.

Session four: featuring a talk by Claire Morgans, participants will think about how their Christian public leadership can foster transformation in their workplace. This session also features an interview with James Copeland.

The course costs £50 for two facilitators guides and eight participant booklets.