When you look around your local Christian community, which leaders do you see? Maybe you see a church leader or a youth worker or a worship leader.

But, have you ever looked at your local Christian community and asked yourself, Are there Christians here leading in in their workplaces or communities?”

In churches up and down the UK, there are leaders in every sector of society, whether that’s in healthcare, arts and media, business, law, sports, education, politics or local community groups. God is raising up an army of His people to see this nation transformed by the way we distinctively lead in our public places. 

At the Evangelical Alliance we’re passionate about equipping and resourcing Christians, so that they can lead in public with confidence and purpose. We believe that public leadership is key to local and national transformation in the name of Jesus. Together, we can resource the church to bring social transformation. Together, we can make Jesus known. 

That’s why we created SENT, a course designed to help churches equip and encourage the public leaders in their congregations.

If you have teachers in your church family, support them to lead in their schools or colleges in a way that is distinctively Christian. If you have healthcare workers or scientists, encourage them to work in a way that will demonstrate Jesus to their colleagues. If you have local business leaders, resource them to think biblically about the way they lead their employees and impact the community. 

SENT will enable you to support, encourage and resource your public leaders so that they can be a voice for good and a voice for God wherever they lead.

The SENT course comprises four sessions, covering topics on developing a biblical worldview, what makes Christian leadership distinctive, how to build good leadership, and how public leaders can foster transformation. 

With contributors including Amy Orr-Ewing and Ian Marchant, each session comes with two films: one from an expert speaker and one from a public leader sharing their experience of leading as a Christian in the public square.

Each pack features two facilitator’s guides and eight workbooks and costs £50.

If you would like to support the public leaders in your congregation to bring transformation to your local community, SENT is just what you need. Download a sample of the workbook to show to your church leadership and watch one of the films.

We’re praying that many churches around the UK will be inspired to support and encourage the public leaders in their congregations. We’re praying for you!