Together we can build tomorrow’s church

Over the last few months, our One People Commission has been giving particular attention to the issue of young adults, recognising the challenge we face as a UK Church to ensure that young adults and their voices are heard.

Young adults in our churches have told us their views and experiences of faith and church, and the findings make fascinating reading. Does it surprise you to hear that:

  • less than half of young adults say their church is really helping them to live out their faith daily;
  • almost a third of young adults don’t have any kind of mentor;
  • one in four young adults feel older people in their church struggle to relate with them;
  • almost half of young adult churchgoers give away at least a tenth of their income?

We trust you’ll find Building tomorrow’s church today really helpful to provoke conversations in your church regarding the way that we engage with young adults. As Pastor Kofi from Praise Christian Centre reflects in this video: This survey is such a brilliant compilation of statistics, that if we will take on board we’ll be able to glean some good points that we can put in place in our churches, to see the next generation take on their faith like we’ve never seen before.”