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Discipleship/Unwrap something special with Stewardship this Christmas

Everyone knows Christmas time as the season of giving, but what does that really mean for Christians? We know that this time of year can very quickly get very superficial, as well as being fraught with a lot of different emotions for people. So we always want to go back to the original nativity…

15 November 2018
Catherine Durant

Theology/Theology Slam 2019: applications now open

Applications are now being accepted for Theology Slam, a new competition that aims to find 18- to 30-year-old believers who think the way Jesus does about the issues facing people today, such as mental health, artificial intelligence and the gig economy. The contest, which has been endorsed by the…

22 October 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

Discipleship/The Lord God made them all

After this half-term a Forest Kindergarten that has been operating since 2014 in a National Trust forest in Kent will not be able to return to the woods. This news saddened me as I believe nature is the best teacher and that God wants children and all of us to appreciate His creation which points…

19 October 2018
Kaiya Huleatt

Global/IDOP: CSW: “We’re standing with our persecuted family”

And yet, when Christian Solidarity Worldwide visited them earlier this year, the church leaders stressed that all their congregations wanted was peace and prayer. “We must love others, we forgive the attackers, we do not want revenge,” Father Aloysius Widyawan told us when we went to offer…

19 October 2018
Emma Howlett

Politics/The Gender Recognition Act 2004: consultation on reform

The Government is seeking public response to a consultation on gender recognition reform. The proposed changes could have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to have your say.

18 October 2018

Politics/Both Lives Matter urges MPs not to meddle with N. Ireland’s law

The impassioned plea, which was made at a parliamentary briefing event, hosted by Fiona Bruce MP, comes just days before Diana Johnson MP will present to parliament a ten-minute rule bill regarding her proposed change to abortion law, and amid the release of a new poll which revealed that the…

18 October 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

20s & 30s/Millennial leadership

On Tuesday, Forge Leadership released the findings of their research into the leadership development needs of millennials working across all sectors, including both church leaders and public leaders. The research, which has a strong evangelical bias in its respondents, corroborates many anecdotal…

18 October 2018
Abi Jarvis

About us

The Evangelical Alliance is made up of hundreds of organisations, thousands of churches and tens of thousands of individuals, joined together for the sake of the gospel. Representing our members since 1846, the Evangelical Alliance is the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement in the UK.…

Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Meet the Scotland research assistants

Who are you? Hi. I’m Nicola Martin and I'm from Lenzie (just outside of Glasgow). I currently live and study in the beautiful city of Stirling. I have been following Jesus from a young age and am a member of Woodhill Evangelical Church, Bishopbriggs. During term time, while I’m living in Stirling,…

Counties: Neighbourhood Chaplains

Our Neighbourhood Chaplains vision is to see churches connecting deeply with the lonely. We want to see hundreds of teams equipped to reach out, thousands of homes and communities connected every month, fresh opportunities for the gospel through word and action and lives transformed as people see…

Conflict Resolution - top tips

Seminar presentation by Jo Frost at CRE.

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