The political landscape in Northern Ireland is changing fast. Since the Good Friday Agreement over 20 years ago, we have seen a change of political parties in power and a shift in the issues that matter to the people in Northern Ireland.

Everyone has a worldview shaped by beliefs, attitudes, and experiences. Evangelical Christians in Northern Ireland see a world that was spoken into being by the word of God and continues to be shaped for good by the authority of the Bible. In modern society, we hear many different voices and views, some of which stand at odds with our biblical perspective. We want to speak and embody biblical truth and biblical grace in society for the good of everyone who calls this place home.

Connect is a resource from the Evangelical Alliance to encourage Christians across Northern Ireland to connect with their local public representatives in a real and meaningful way. In Connect you will find ideas on who to contact, how to reach out to them and how best to share your perspective on the issues that matter to you most.

I hope Connect will inspire you to activities and conversations that make life better for all in our society and instils confidence in you that your voice matters.” — Danielle Mcelhinney, Public policy officer, Northern Ireland.