The Evangelical Alliance longs to see Christians engaging with their MSPs in a productive and loving way but we recognise sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. We hope that this resource will help you to begin to build relationships with your MSPs and encourage you to pray for and support them as they represent you in the Scottish Parliament. You will find a few ways that you can get in touch with your MSPs and how you can get to know them better, as they also get to know you and the hope that you have for your community and for Scotland. 

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, in many cases, just like us, public representatives are overstretched and dismayed by the gravity of the health, economic and social crisis in front of us. What better time for Christians and church leaders to step up to the task of encouraging our elected leaders and be salt and light in this difficult time. We long for Christians to be known as good news’ people in every sphere. At this time, we have an opportunity to become active citizens who engage with their political representatives in a way that fosters trust, encouragement and partnership as well as share the hope that we have in Jesus.

We believe that the church has all the infrastructures and structures in place to be at the grassroots of rebuilding lives and communities as we navigate the years ahead. We have the human resources and by the power of the Spirit, the heart to love and the heart to serve. We have unique relational networks and by following the example of Jesus, we know how to care for the isolated, the vulnerable, and the broken. At this time, connecting with our MSPs could both be an opportunity for the gospel, as well as a chance for Christians in your area to be known as people of sacrificial love.