We are personal beings who exist in and are intended for relationship with God and each other. How we choose to identify ourselves and who we interact with touches on many of the most significant cultural and social issues of our time. The Evangelical Alliance believes that our identity is first and foremost rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. All human beings are lovingly designed and created by God, in His image, and this is the basis for how we tackle all other identity issues such as race, sexuality and gender. 

All humans were created equal, with equal worth and dignity, regardless of race, sex or background. But our society often privileges some people at the expense of others. Therefore, we are passionate about advocating for the marginalised, and speaking up against racism and sexism wherever it’s found in our society. We not only seek to be a voice for change but to equip and empower our members to speak out against these issues too. 

Whilst we hold to a traditional biblically orthodox understanding that life-long marriages between one man and one woman are the only relationships capable of honouring the sacred nature of sexual activity, our earnest prayer is that God’s love, truth and grace would characterise evangelical responses to debates on sexuality, both now and in future. 

The bodily nature of the death and resurrection of Jesus affirms the importance of the human body, and the creation narrative speaks of two distinct biological sexes. Cross-gender identification is a concern because it distorts the creational order of male and female. But as Christians, we can hold out love and hope as one day, all who trust in Jesus will have perfect resurrection bodies and enjoy complete contentment in the new creation. 

The Evangelical Alliance engages with government to ensure that Christians in the UK, along with the majority of the world’s faiths, are free to hold to the traditional view of sexuality and gender. And we will work with government to ensure that no one’s employment is at risk as a result of holding to those beliefs and that children of faith are protected and represented in education. We also work to uphold the truth that all humans are created with equal value and worth, and advocate for groups that are marginalised. 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,the new creationhas come:the old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17