When it comes to issues of identity, relationships and sex, the education that young people receive in school – along with the conversations that they have in the home – are instrumental in shaping their beliefs and understanding.

That is why we produced Time to Talk, a resource designed to help Christian parents and carers to have better conversations about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) with children at home and with their school. When RSE is not taught well, and parents’ concerns continue to be ignored, children and young people’s welfare is negatively impacted.

Recently in Westminster, Miriam Cates MP, who has published a report into the state of RSE in England and Wales, stated that some children were being subjected to lessons that are age-inappropriate, extreme, sexualising and inaccurate”. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak responded by saying that the government is bringing forward a review of RSE statutory guidance. The government has also shared their intention to conduct a consultation into gender identity in schools this year.

We are encouraged that these issues are being taken seriously. We want to see good RSE lessons that teach children and young people about healthy relationships in an age-appropriate manner – lessons that set them up in good stead for the future.

We want to hear from our members

Parents, carers, youth workers and church leaders: as we consider our response and interactions with the Department for Education over RSE, we want to hear from you.

  • Do you have specific concerns about what children are being taught, or examples of RSE being taught well?
  • How have you started good conversations with your children about these subjects at home?
  • What discussions are your church youth groups having about relationships, sex and identity?

Help us to represent the voice of Christian parents and carers as we engage with education policy. Share your stories with us by completing the form below.

How are your children being taught about relationships and sex in school?

Help us as we engage with the Department for Education by sharing concerns or good examples of how your local school is teaching RSE.

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