What are the stories that we build our lives on? Are they strong enough for us to build our purpose, identity, and behaviour upon? Join us for a new episode of Being Human as our hosts Jo and Peter examine the different stories that are trying to frame the deepest parts of who we are. 

Some of the narratives promoted by public figures in our culture — from David Attenborough to Marie Kondo, to Jordan Peterson — may offer some helpful advice or call us to do good and noble things. But underneath all of their what?” and how?” answers to our questions about being human, they leave us hanging and fail to provide a satisfying answer to the deepest why?” questions. 

The opening to the God story was written to challenge other ancient foundation stories, and ultimately teaches us that humans are made in the image of God. We are earthlings made from the earth, and because we are part of God’s good creation, we matter. As God’s image-bearers, we join Him in caring for our fellow humans and the rest of God’s creation. 

Join us as we consider how Jesus brings order to the chaos and is the author of the only sufficient foundation story for us to build our lives upon. 

PROLOGUE (00:00)
00:19 We’re back for episode 2! Recap of last week: Whose lives matter?
02:43 Introduction to foundational stories
04:28 The bigger Being Human project: rival stories about what it means to be human

05:12 Stories shape help who we are and how we view the world around us
06:51 Foundational stories: the stories upon which we build our lives

ACT I (09:29)
09:38 Sir David Attenborough’s foundation story
14:55 Marie Condo, Jordan Peterson, and our responses to chaos
17:33 The cracks in our foundation stories are showing

ACT II (18:47)
18:56 Our witness statement: the Biblical vision for a renewed humanity
23:19 Human beings in the image of God, earthlings from the earth
25:02 The foundational story that tells us why human beings exist

ACT III (27:32)
27:42 Jesus brings order to our chaos and gives us purpose
29:25 Sometimes the God Story has been misused
31:05 The quest for control in a chaotic world and Sabbath rest

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About Being Human

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