What’s wrong with our world? What drives us apart? Things get gritty in this week’s episode of Being Human, as Peter and Jo wrestle with the conflict driving our story forward.

We all seem to know something is off, but in the stories we listen to, what carries the plot along? If conflict is the engine, who is driving the car? Are we the heroes in the stories we tell ourselves, and if so, who is the villain?

The God story surprises us with an inconvenient narrative. The real problem we feel isn’t outside us but comes right from within us. Sin deceives us with the poisonous idea that God cheats us, and we can do better without Him. This lie drives a wedge between us and God and between our fellow human beings as well. 

Join us as we consider how the God story gives us a more compelling explanation for the conflict in our heart and in our world.

00:17 Welcome back! We’re still in lockdown.
01:55 All good stories have conflict. 

ACT I (05:17)
05:27 What is the conflict that’s driving our story forward?
09:25 How do we explain horrors like the holocaust?
12:57 In the stories we tell ourselves, are we the hero? Who is the villain?

ACT II (16:17)
16:27 The real problem is not outside us but inside of us.
19:15 The original lie is that God is our problem.
23:43 The sin inside us has broken our relationships and our world. 

ACT III (25:55)
26:05 We are in danger of consuming new ideas faster than ever before.
28:01 The stories around us tell us that the problem is in someone else.

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