When Christians celebrate the Incarnation, they remember the awesome truth of God the Son being fully human, and that Jesus joined us in all our vulnerability, fragility and dependence!

With this series of resources, we invite you to join with us in thinking about what that truth means, about God’s heart for both lives in pregnancy, and how we understand our place in His design.

Lectio Divina

When God the Son became flesh, He developed in the womb and was born of a woman, like all babies are. Joining us in the fullness of our humanity from that point was intentional, so it must matter. Yet we don’t tend to think about those nine months before Jesus’ birth. With this God Unborn series, we are led to think about the circumstances and the people at the point at which the Word became flesh, and ask God to reveal to us what He planned that we’ve forgotten, or perhaps never noticed.

God Unborn video resource

In the video below, Both Lives UK lead Dawn McAvoy talks us through God Unborn: nine months between the angel and the manger: