Remember When trailer

Capture the vision for remembering and sharing stories of God’s faithfulness

Welcome to the leader’s section for #RememberWhen.

We’re thrilled that you have decided to be part of #RememberWhen. We hope this resource helps you to support and equip your church family as they remember the work that God has done in their lives and share those stories with their friends, families and communities.

As a leader, you have exclusive access to your own Leader’s Pack which includes some things just for you, as well as content to help you bless your congregation. Alongside the Leader’s Pack, we are giving you access to all of the small group material. This includes the digital booklets for leaders and users and the four videos that underpin much of the teaching. All of this is free to download, so please feel empowered to use it however works best for your congregation.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the #RememberWhen content. We’d also love to hear stories of how it has impacted you and your church. You can email us at greatcommission@​eauk.​org.