Remember When trailer

Capture the vision for remembering and sharing stories of God’s faithfulness

Welcome to the small group section for #RememberWhen.

Sharing Jesus with our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours needn’t be a daunting task. We don’t all have to memorise apologetics arguments or learn Bible passages in the original Greek. But we can all remember moments, big or small, when God has been at work in our lives – and sharing these can often have a significant impact on others.

The material on this page is designed to help you and your small group to remember stories of God’s faithfulness and then gain confidence to share those with others who don’t yet know Jesus. Below, you’ll find our Small Group Leader’s Guide and User’s Manual, plus four videos, one to go with each of the four sessions. It’s up to you whether you watch the video on the website within your group or download it to show to the group.

If you have any questions or feedback then please do get in touch – we’d love to help you use #RememberWhen to its fullest and hear your stories of it at work. You can email us at greatcommission@​eauk.​org.