After the events of the last year, 2021 is a time to look to new horizons. There has never been a greater need for Christian public leadership than now. Leaders who, in every area of their public lives, demonstrate the character and competency this moment needs. Leaders who understand what’s going on around them and how to respond. Leaders who, in service and humility, bring positive and life-changing transformation. All because they follow the greatest leader of all, Jesus.

This spring, join us for Rebuilding Leadership, an inspiring public leadership series, which will see us tackle four key areas for leadership during this season:

  1. practical leadership beyond the storm;
  2. building healthy leadership in a post-pandemic world;
  3. understanding our cultural landscape; and
  4. communicating as a leader in this moment.

Each webinar will be led by experts in their field and attended by a community of like-minded leaders from across the UK. You’ll also get an insight into the Evangelical Alliance’s passion for public leadership as we build a community of public leaders and a culture of public leadership in the UK church.


Rebuilding Leadership: Leading beyond the storm – Tuesday, 30 March, 7pm
Hear from Andrew Lynas, MD of Lynas Foodservice, and Martyn Link, chief strategy officer for the Wood Group.

Rebuilding Leadership: Growing healthy practices – Tuesday, 20 April, 7pm
Hear from Catherine De Souza, senior leader at City Church Cardiff, and Dr Rebecca Payne, national professional advisor on urgent primary care at the Care Quality Commission. 

Rebuilding Leadership: Navigating our cultural moment – Tuesday, 18 May, 7pm
Hear from Dr Patrick Dixon, author and chairman of Global Change Ltd.

Rebuilding Leadership: Communicating in a post-pandemic world – Tuesday, 15 June (time and speaker TBC)

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Rebuilding Leadership: Building healthy leadership

Rebuilding Leadership: Building healthy leadership

Join key public leaders for a conversation on building healthy leadership at this time Find out more
Rebuilding Leadership Webinar: Leading beyond the storm

Rebuilding Leadership Webinar: Leading beyond the storm

Join key public leaders on 30 March for a conversation on practical leadership amidst the chaos of this season Find out more