Everything you need to know about SENT

You can find SENT here: eauk​.org/​s​e​n​t​c​ourse

  • The Public Leadership team have developed SENT to help churches equip the public leaders in their congregation.
  • This means that any church with teachers, medical professionals, councillors and council workers, business leaders, artists, and those leading in media and entertainment will find this resource helpful.
  • The vision is to see Christians transform their workplaces and communities by leading distinctively as Christians.
  • SENT is made up of four sessions covering developing a Christian worldview, distinctive Christian leadership, leadership competencies and fostering transformation in the workplace. Each session has a film of a speaker and an interview with a public leader.
  • Each course pack is made up of two facilitators workbooks for those who will lead the sessions, and eight participant workbooks for those who’ll take part. Each pack costs £50 plus £5 for every additional participant workbook.
  • There is a downloadable sample of the workbook so that potential buyers can try before they buy
  • More informationcan be found here: eauk​.org/​s​e​n​t​c​ourse