Thank you for joining with us in prayer this month!

25 March 2019

Thank God for the Public Leader course which takes place each year across Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Pray for applicants for the 2019-2020 course, that the right people would be able to benefit from the programme.

Thank God for the Above and Beyond church and charity governance conference which the Evangelical Alliance is hosting in May. Pray that many church and charity leaders, administrators and trustees would be able to attend.

Thank God for the membership team of the Evangelical Alliance across the UK. Pray that they would help and encourage Christians, churches and organisations in their membership of the Evangelical Alliance.

18 March 2019

Praise God for the many thousands of individual, church and organisation members of the Evangelical Alliance. Pray that we would be able to build relationships and support growing unity among the UK church.

Thank God for the work that our public policy teams do in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England to represent evangelicals in the corridors of power. Pray that our teams would have wisdom and grace during this difficult political season.

Thank God for the financial generosity of so many members and other supporters of the Evangelical Alliance. Please pray that God would provide all that we need to flourish in as we seek to the serve the church here in the UK.

11 March 2019

Praise God for the opportunities Evangelical Alliance speakers have to preach and teach around the UK each week. Pray for our speakers as they go out seeking to build confidence in the gospel and to celebrate a vibrant church.

Thank God for the Great Commission website which is used by so many as a hub of evangelistic resources. Pray that it would support many to share their faith in Jesus with those around them.

Thank God for the leadership team here at the Evangelical Alliance, for our wonderful board and our invaluable council. Pray that they would continue to lead with wisdom and integrity.

4 March 2019

Thank God for the successful launch of SENT, our new resource helping churches to equip public leaders. Please pray that it would be taken up by many churches around the UK and would help be a part of bringing transformation to our society.

Please pray for all the plans being laid by the Evangelical Alliance across our four offices in Belfast, Cardiff, London and Glasgow. Pray that we would hear God's guidance as we seek to support the church in together making Him known.

Pray that preparations for our annual church and charity governance conference, Above and Beyond, would continue to go smoothly. Pray that many church and charity leaders, administrators and trustees would join us for an important day of learning from experts on a range of governance issues.