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Fusion Mission Styles

Discover your mission style.

Mission Styles is a tool designed to release you to share Jesus in a way that is natural for you, and effective for your mates. Introducing people to Jesus does not always feel like the most natural and obvious thing. There can be awkward moments. There can be disconnects – questions we don’t quite know how to answer, endless hours of seemingly fruitless conversation, invites that fall on deaf ears or somewhere into an abyss of half-communication and well-intended attempts. This happens. There is no one way of sharing Jesus or joining in with God’s mission to your friends. There is no one formula, or personality type that just connects with people… But there is your way. The way you most naturally share and engage with Jesus, as made by God. Your friends each have their own styles and ways of engaging with Jesus too. We each have our own Mission Style. There are four Mission Styles, to be precise. Although we are each entirely unique and nuanced within these categories – these styles will help you understand the ways you best engage with Jesus, and the ways your friends are seeking to engage with Him too. Why not take some time to discover what your Mission Style is?