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Gospel of Luke Digital

A digital version of Luke's Gospel which invites people on a journey through the life of Jesus.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

This beautifully illustrated Gospel, published by HOPE Together in partnership with Biblica and HOPE For Every Home Ireland, is now in a mobile app format. A great resource for people who visit your church and those in your community who are exploring faith. What would you say if Luke, the writer of this book, could show you that life is not just what you can see and feel around you but there is more, so much more? He discovered this 2,000 years ago and he wrote down this eyewitness account so that you could see for yourself. It is about a man called Jesus, a seemingly normal man, who became a sensation, a leader, a healer, a revolutionary; a man who was labelled a criminal by the leaders of the day. The drastic end of this story twists to reveal something so enormous that it shocked and surprised then, as it does now. A truth, from before time began, a hope, far greater than we could dream, and a purpose to life so much greater than Luke or you and I could have imagined!