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Invited to Belong

A six-session reflective journey to help you explore how to ensure your youth and children's work is accessible and inclusive to all.

Invited to Belong (a partnership between Youthscape and Urban Saints) is a six-part journey to consider, alongside those you work with, how you might invite children and young people with additional needs to find a place of belonging within your community, your youth group, your church. Inside the resource are six envelopes, designed to be opened in order, each with a different reflective task, activity, or challenge inside. Once you’ve completed one, only then should you move on to the next. Now you could use these envelopes in a variety of ways – you could set aside a Saturday, get the team together, and lock yourselves away together until you’ve opened every one! If that’s not your style, you could all arrive an hour early to youth group for six weeks and open one at a time… the choice of how you take this journey is up to you.