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Is the 'missing generation' still missing?

An in-depth look at how young adult faith has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic

As the Evangelical Alliance we exist to together make Jesus known. As part of our response to coronavirus, we have been in conversations with thousands of church leaders, we have undertaken research, and we have been sensing what the future might look like for church, evangelism, discipleship and social engagement. The fruit of this is an initiative called Changing Church, which seeks to help us navigate the days ahead as the evangelical church of the UK

COVID-19 has had a monumental impact on almost every age group and every sphere of influence, but it has been particularly interesting to see the effect on young adults and their relationship with faith and the church. With this generation in mind, we have launched Changing Church: Is the​‘missing generation’ still missing?

We pray this resource is a massive encouragement to the UK church. It draws together some insightful research that reveals the scale of young adults’ online engagement with church, prayer, and evangelism during the pandemic. It tells inspirational stories of 20s and 30s becoming Christians and reassures us that many are coming to know Jesus in this season of life. It then goes a step further to explore the common pathways of people finding faith and the guiding principles that have helped young adults feel they can belong in church communities. There is a central online booklet that holds all the themes together, a series of blogs from a diverse range of authors to take the reader deeper on certain issues, and a few videos adding further insight.