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Living & Telling

Living & Telling is a FREE to download 10-session video-led training course for Christians of all ages. It is ideal for small groups.

Who is Living & Telling for?

I try but I don’t know if I’m making any difference at all.”

It’s not really my gift. That’s why we have preachers.”

I’m barely even a Christian myself! I can’t help someone else become one.”

I wish everyone would stop going on about it. I feel guilty enough as it is.”

Whatever you think of the word evangelism, if you’re a Christian, Living & Telling is for you.

What is Living & Telling?

Living & Telling is a training course designed to encourage, inspire and equip you to share your faith in Jesus, naturally and helpfully, as a way of life. It’s a FREE to download, 10-part video-led training series for churches and Christian groups who want to learn how to get better at sharing their faith in their conversations and in their actions every day. You don’t need any special training to lead a group. The course comes with a simple Leader’s Guide that makes it easy to facilitate. The videos do all the hard work so anyone can run it.

During this time of social distancing and lockdown, Agapé UK have made Living & Telling available digitally as free downloads.

The EA’s Phil Knox explains why he is so excited about Living & Telling in this 1-minute video clip: