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Luke's Gospel

A beautifully produced Luke’s Gospel - a gift for all ages and specifically ideal for millennials and Gen Z.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

Give away the Jesus story as told by Luke. This beautifully illustrated Gospel, published in partnership with Biblica and HOPE For Every Home Ireland, is designed in a magazine-style and printed on quality paper, making it an attractive gift to give away to your friends, colleagues and family, people who visit your church and those in your community who are exploring faith. The Talking Jesus 2022 Report showed us that 24% of practising Christians said that reading the Bible for themselves was a key influence in their coming to faith – this was the second strongest influence on helping practising Christians come to faith. This rises to 38% of practicing Christians who came to faith when they were aged 18 – 24 and was the biggest influence reported for bringing this age group to faith. People are looking for hope and answers — why not gift them it!