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Nicodemus: Child Sexual Exploitation, Gangs & Grooming Awareness Course

This online course, completed at the learner's own pace, supports church leaders and volunteers to be aware of the signs of this activity, which is sadly all too common today.

Being aware of the signs of child sexual exploitation, gangs and grooming can help a mentor to recognise that an individual is in danger of, or is involved in, these types of activities, and suggests access to help that can prevent people from living with long-term pain and suffering.

This helpful, informative course brings awareness through listening and observing to recognise the signs. This is a great skill for any volunteer who is seeking to serve in their community.

Material is accessed online for a minimum of 18 months so participants can learn at their pace, at a time they choose, with the possibility for re-watching each session. All supporting workbooks are available to download, and recorded roleplays are available to assist in illustrating points.

This course is intended to complement our Foundational Specialist Mentoring course. Register the offer code EVAL24 to purchase this course at a reduced price.